Miller, We Hardly Knew Ya…

You see, here’s how it all went down:

A while back, the folks over at the New York Times opened up their fridge to discover that they had a problem on their hands: Too many Millers on their hands.

“But, why, Bill: Why do we have so many Millers in here?”
“Gee, Pinch, I don’t know, but there’s only one way to get rid of them: We have to drink them ourselves.”
“But won’t that make us act all weird and drunk for a while?”
“Indeed, it will. But I see no other way around it.”

And so it was…for months, the NYT grappled around Planet Journalism, still drunk from all the Miller they had to drink.

But yesterday, they finished their last can and could finally rid themselves of Miller.

First we waited to see how long it would take for Patrick Fitzgerald to throw a reporter in jail. Then we waited to see how long that reporter would stay in jail. Then we waited to see how long it took that reporter (and her paper) to discuss (in the words of N.E.R.D.) “now what the f*ck just happened?”

Now? We wait only for Miller’s book (predictions here)…and perhaps which paper will pick her up next (Miller says she’s already received plenty of offers…Oh, isn’t somebody just SO popular…)

What, O What, will Arianna do without Judy?
A roundup after the jump…

  • Judy couldn’t convince the NYT to run an explanatory op-ed, so she had to settle for a letter.
  • The NYT’s own story on the matter. (And the Post‘s)
  • Frank Foer thinks we haven’t heard the end of this.
  • Miller’s satisfied with the agreement (well Thank GOD!)
  • “The Nightmare is Over” say NYT staffers.
  • Vaughn Ververs raises an interesting point over at CBS’ Public Eye Blog: “Are we just self-centered or is it ironic that Miller’s retirement comes on the day Mary Mapes kicked off her book tour?
  • Sister FishbowlNY’s take.