Miller To Become Post’s Deputy City Editor

This move was quietly made months ago, but the Post is just now making it official.

From City Editor Marcia Slacum Greene:

    News travels fast, so I’m sure that most of you have heard the good news. I am delighted that Bill Miller has agreed to take on the role of Deputy City Editor.

    Bill joined the City Desk as an assignment editor in 2002 after covering homeland security issues for the National Desk. As a reporter, he also covered U.S. District Court , D.C Superior Court and wrote about justice issues throughout the Washington region. On the desk, he has become our go-to editor for all things legal.

    In addition to the great job he is doing as editor for the cops and courts POD, Bill now will help plan daily coverage and enterprise stories. In many cases, Bill will play and even bigger role when we are involved in running stories. He has demonstrated that he is a natural at it with the excellent job he did in coordinating our coverage of President Ford’s funeral, the recent stories about the DCVote bill and coverage of the Eastern Market and Georgetown library fires.

    During recent weeks, Bill has been pitching our stories at the news meeting on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and that will continue to be the case. When he runs the day, he’ll have more discussions with you about daily stories based on his ideas and conversations with other editors.

    Bill also will take on the job of tracking schedules —weekend duty, vacations, comp days etc– for the remainder of the year. In addition to notes to your editor, please send him a copy of your requests for days off. He’ll send the staff a note with all the details this week.

Miller is married to News Channel 4 Anchor Doreen Gentzler.