Millennials, Fashion And Social Media [STUDY]

To understand how social media influences ladies’ fashion purchases, social intelligence company NetBase commissioned Edison Research to survey a representative sample of women ages 18+ in the U.S. who have a profile on one or more social networks.

The sample of 1,005 women was collected in May 2013 and weighted to the national U.S. population of adult female social media users. 17% of the sample (174 women total) were in the 18-24 age group, a.k.a the millennial generation.

Here are NetBase’s key findings about millennials, fashion and social media.

• 80% of millennials use social media “several times a day,” compared to 59% of female social media users of all ages. Facebook is the most popular platform with millennials (95% use it), with Twitter coming in at #2 (72%) followed by Instagram (64%). Interestingly, Tumblr clocks in below those three and Pinterest and Google+, despite its reputation as millennial central.

• 83% of 18-24-year-olds consult at least one social platform before purchasing in at least one fashion category.

• 28% are “social shoppers” whose buying is influenced by the brands and products their friends use. millennials are almost twice as likely to be social shoppers as female social media users of all ages.

• Nearly 1/4 of female millennials are “trendsetters,” social network users willing to pay a higher price to be the first to have a new product, compared to 15% of all female social media users.

• That said, despite considering shopping an important free-time activity (80% of millennials), they are no more likely than women 24+ to view fashion and beauty as something very important to them.

• 58% of millennials use Pinterest for fashion inspiration, while 49% look to Instagram.

Basically, it’s unsurprising that the most socially influenced and connected generation ever turns to social media for fashion inspiration, reference, and information. If you want to market to them, be there.

(Source: NetBase. Woman with shopping bags image via Shutterstock.)