Millennials Don’t Trust Tinder to Keep Their Data Secure (Study)

Despite being wary of the security of their data, millennials continue to use social media sites.

Millennials get a bad rap when it comes to security. The generation has been declared the biggest threat to network security, and has been shown to ignore security protocols when on work networks. But this doesn’t mean that millennials are unconcerned with security. A new report from Trustev, an anti-fraud technology company, indicates that millennials have some concerns about the companies holding their data.

Despite their propensity to engage heavily with social media, millennials are wary of some networks and industries. 85 percent of the 1,000 users surveyed trust their bank to protect their information, almost 80 percent trust Amazon and 71 percent trust Google.

Social networks and dating sites fare much worse. Tinder fares the worst, with 88 percent of users distrusting the site. Snapchat has been working to improve its security for years, and still only 22 percent of users trust the app so safeguard their data. Users are also wary of Uber, Twitter, Facebook, and even Linkedin when it comes to data security.

When it comes to exposing their own data to other parties, like their parents or employers, users are more protective of their information on some networks than others. It’s possible that millennials are very aware of managing their online identities with different social logins. Snapchat is the only network that the majority of users wouldn’t show to their employers or parents.

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