Millennial Branding Study Finds That Companies Don’t Hire Interns But Expect Hires To Have Internships

Not fair! A new study by Millennial Branding has found that while most companies think new graduates should have one or two internships, at least three months long each, they’re not hiring their own interns into full-time jobs. (In other words, they want someone else’s interns, maybe because their own weren’t impressive enough.)

This gap between employer expectations and employer actions is one of the reasons half of all recent grads are jobless or underemployed, Millennial Branding says.

Another interesting gap comes when looking at the types of majors that get jobs versus the skills employers say they’re looking for. In short, 34 percent of companies say they’re hiring engineering and CS majors (and 75 percent of companies that hire STEM talent say it’s hard to compete against other brands for talent). The market is tight. Yet nearly all companies surveyed (98 percent) say that communication skills are the most important and 91 percent say that not only is communication important, but it’s hard to find in a recent grad. Yet all 225 companies surveyed believe that college adequately prepares graduates for the working world. Who on earth is filling out these surveys? Bosses with multiple personality disorder?

At any rate, the “someone else’s intern” phenomenon puzzles us, but it is likely to stick around. And people wonder why the job market is so messed up for millennials.

Infographic is below, click here for a larger one.