Milken Institute Says Strikes Cost California Money

We’re no think tank here at FBLA. We’re just little posting monkeys passing the days laughing at our own jokes. Tra la la!

There are people that actually get paid to think about stuff – to analyze situations.

The analysis in the report notes that by 2009, the effect of the 2007 strike will be less noticeable. However, if another work stoppage occurs in the industry (at the time of the release, SAG was negotiating a contract), the impact will be felt for up to an additional year.

Yet we’ve come to the same conclusion. No work. No bananas.

In the Milken Institute also reports:

The 2007 Hollywood writers’ strike dealt a blow to California’s already struggling economy and is expected to result in a loss of 37,700 jobs and $2.1 billion in lost output through the end of 2008.

Send the bill to AMPTP…those monkey haters.