Miley Cyrus Stages Cosmo Takeover

Incites fans via Twitter to reorganize newsstands

If you couldn’t find your copy of Better Homes and Gardens on newsstands over the weekend, a possible explanation: Miley Cyrus went braless on the March cover of Cosmo, and it seems that for some rabid fans, it wasn’t enough to have their own copy of the issue. On Friday, Cyrus encouraged her 11 million-plus followers to cover up other magazines at the newsstand with her issue and provide photographic evidence: 

Her fans quickly complied, and also created a hashtag to promote the caper, #BuyMileysCosmo.

As much as Cosmo, like other magazines, has been trying to harness social media to promote its content, this stunt apparently wasn't its doing. "This was a natural force from her fan base," Hearst President David Carey said, adding, "No big company could ever pull that off." Maybe the trick is to pick cover subjects with a huge (and motivated) social media following. Social media editors, take note!