Team @MileyOfficial Includes Long Island Teen

Most of Amy Kaufman’s weekend LA Times feature is about LaQuishe “Q” Wright, a Texas-based social media manager whose celebrity clientele includes Channing Tatum, Paul Walker and Zac Efron. Wright started a fan site dedicated to Tatum in 2006 and that eventually led to a personal, on-set meeting.

But we were even more fascinated by the tail-end of Kaufman’s piece. When she ropes in another startling Twitter-fan-to-manager success story:

When [Miley] Cyrus noticed a particularly popular Twitter fan account popping up in her feed, she sent a direct message to the person behind it — Olivia Rudensky, a 17-year-old from Long Island. Soon, the high school senior was having lunch with Cyrus’ mother, Tish, sharing tips on how she should announce her new single and get it to start trending on Twitter.

This past summer, Rudensky even flew to LA for a week, visiting Cyrus at her Toluca Lake home. While Cyrus keeps up her own individual Twitter account, Rudensky is now one of the heads of her @mileyofficial team page.

Rudensky is not getting paid, but the perks are pretty amazing. For example, when Cyrus recently hosted Saturday Night Live, this 17-year-old got to tag along to 30 Rockefeller Plaza. It’s also given her a unique “double life” topic for her college application essays. Ha ha.

Evidently, also, Rudensky’s current school and Twitter pro activities keep her to busy to tend to personal Twitter account. Full LA Times feature here.