HollywoodLife EIC Bonnie Fuller Goes ‘Bra-llistic’

Stop the teen gossip presses! Apparently. all hell broke loose – literally – in Toluca Lake yesterday (Tuesday, October 12th) in the form of a bra-less Miley Cyrus.

In a perhaps well-intentioned but borderline hysterical Open Letter published today on her website HollywoodLife.com, editor Bonnie Fuller admonishes the teen star for setting a poor example. Don’t get us wrong; the core issue at play here is very serious, and teen stars such as Cyrus need to be extremely careful about the way they conduct themselves in public.

But Fuller may have gone a little overboard with her pop psychology screed, exhibiting arguably some poor judgment or her own. “You must WANT the world to see your nips. Are you an exhibitionist or what?” she accuses in paragraph number three. Later, the woman who launched the modern-day era of celebrity tabloid reporting sources the expert advice of Dr. Gilda Carle. The doc places the blame squarely on Cyrus’ parents.

But what about the paparazzi, whose prurient shots are front and center in allowing well-meaning and no-so-well-meaning showbiz websites to trade in unsavory images of Hannah’s Montana’s? Shouldn’t they share some of the blame here? If there’s any justice, one or more of the checks to be paid out shortly by media outlets for services rendered in October will… bounce.

Meanwhile, in the context of today’s Cyrus cross-examination, the title of Fuller’s January 2007 advice tome (cover pictured above) seems a tad ironic, don’t you think?