Miles O’Brien Explains his “Freelance Virtual Newspaper” Idea on the “Menu”

Former CNN correspondent (and host of an upcoming PBS documentary) Miles O’Brien was a guest this morning on the Morning Media Menu podcast.

He talked about the reaction to his much read blog post about the Buffalo plane crash — writing what he normally would have been talking about on CNN. “I was pretty bowled over by the response…People are thirsty for information from sources they feel they can trust,” he said. “And they will seek you out. And in the blog world you do get linked and re-linked and bounced around that echo chamber in ways that are extremely effective.”

He also gives his take on an effective money-making play by the print world — what he dubs a “freelance virtual newspaper.” “The truth is when you take away the overhead that’s associated with newspapers and for that matter running an organization like CNN, you can run a pretty lean operation online,” he said.

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