Milbank’s Butt Hurts

Fan of Orange Colored Clothing (F.O.C.C.) Dana Milbank began his chat with a bit of humility:

    Good morning. As readers of the ombudsman column know, I’ve been in the woodshed recently, and it’s still a bit sore when I sit down.

He had plenty of fun at his own expense (fun?!? Uh-oh. Deborah Howell will soon be on his case for that…”Dana, if you’re going to be funny, you should really call yourself a ‘Humor-Inclined Columnist'”).

    [I]t was all a big misunderstanding. The orange attire was not hunting gear but rather a tribute to Her Majesty Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands and the entire House of Orange on the occasion of the Dutch participation in the winter games in Turin.

But he is sorry:

    Many thanks to all the readers who are praising my orange wardrobe and inviting me to criticize the ombudsman. But I have learned my lesson: No more costumes. Just this morning, I contemplated putting on my Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan outfit to honor the United Arab Emirates, but I immediately reconsidered.

And he ended it thusly:

    New York, N.Y.: Is it true that Chris Matthews puts you on to make him look skinny?

    Dana Milbank: More likely because I make him look sane.

    At any rate, I’m getting some interference on the phone line here in the woodshed, and the paddle comes out in a few minutes so I’ve got to go sit on some ice. Many thanks for the nice questions; I’m sure it will never happen again.

    With that, I bid you a fond Dubai.