Mike Wise…Saved!

From the GW Hatchet (now, Mike Wise’s favorite paper ever):

    Last week, the jovial sports writer was jogging along his normal route on the C&O Canal in Georgetown with his dog Looly. Near the four-mile mark, the pair took a break. While Wise had his back turned, Looly – who was unleashed – fell through the ice covering the canal. Wise carefully tried to lower himself into the water when the ice supporting him broke and he fell in. He managed to push the dog out of the water but could not pull himself out. He was stuck in the middle of the canal.

    “I’d probably been in the water for about three minutes and I knew from somewhere that between four and seven minutes you start to suffer from hypothermia,” Wise said. “I figured I had a minute left and thought, ‘I’m just going to start yelling’.”

    Luckily, Coates, a first-year law student from Chicago who had also been jogging along the canal, heard Wise’s distress calls and ran to rescue him. The two only suffered minor scrapes and bruises from the incident.

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