Mike Tyson Stopped By the ‘Today’ Show and, As Expected, It Was Kind of Crazy

It was only yesterday that boxing’s former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson and the filmmaker Spike Lee were announcing the one-man show “Mike Tyson: The Undisputed Truth.” Just like that, they managed to snag an “exclusive” spot with Ann Curry this morning to talk it up on the Today show.

Soooo. Wow. Let’s start by saying that Ann Curry, a fantastic reporter, was probably not the best person to handle what Tyson was inevitably bringing to the set.

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And what Mike Tyson brings is a little bit of crazy. One gets the impression that Curry was trying to conduct this interview as though it was going to be a normal Today show segment and not Mike Tyson. The man with the face tattoo who is about to get on a Broadway stage to talk about being in jail and spending time with hookers. As our managing editor, Donya Blaze, said this morning, Ann Curry just needed to go with the flow a little more.

But it did sound like there was some media training that happened in order to rein Tyson in a bit. When you compare some of his comments from this morning, you see similarities with yesterday’s presser. For instance, his references to being “naked” on stage. But he also used the phrase “prostitute hunter” this morning. Ack.

Seriously though, Tyson has done an amazing image turnaround, going from the man who would bite an opponent’s ear off to funny cameos in The Hangover, veganism, pigeon racing, and talk of being a “wimp.” He also ruminates over his life and this change in his excellent 2009 documentary, Tyson. It’s amazing all of the opportunities that have come to him as a result.

The one-man show will only run from July 31 to August 5.