LA Entrepreneur Lets Public Decide Whether He Attends Harvard

Last year, Mike Moradian was voted “America’s Best Young Entrepreneur” by Bloomberg Businessweek. With credentials like that, it’s a tossup as to whether the LA based founder of really needs at this point to attend Harvard Business School and network with fellow future game changers.

Faced with this tough choice, Moradian has decided to let his website users and now the public at large tell him what to do. If you’re interested in being a part of the #HarvardDecision, point your browser to by no later than August 30. On his Twitter feed, Moradian said today that those outside the tech world think he is crazy for even considering skipping Harvard:

“I’m willing to walk away from what could be a once in a lifetime educational opportunity, but only if I feel that other people share my vision for CollegeBudget and see the value in what we can do for college students,” Moradian says. “The choice is yours America, choose wisely.”, an outgrowth of officially launched last week. The website aims to drive down the cost of textbooks and other student supplies by means of “collective social buying.”