Mike Jones: MySpace Is Not Selling User Data

MySpace co-president Mike Jones sought to clarify reports about the social-networking site selling user data in a post on the MySpace Blog, Setting the Record Straight on Sharing of User Data:

Numerous blog posts have surfaced over the past few days that have created confusion surrounding MySpace’s user data. We want to set the record straight — MySpace is not selling user data.

Through the MySpace Developer Platform, third-party developers can access — free-of-charge — MySpace users’ publicly available real-time data (such as status updates, or updates about when a user adds music, photos, or videos to their profile) using our Real Time Stream feed. This is the same MySpace data that is already publicly available through Google’s real-time search feature.

Because of the large amount and real-time nature of the data, some third-party developers are unable to process the data. For this reason, Infochimps is offering developers a pre-packaged version of our Real Time Stream as a value-added service. They are not charging for the raw data itself, which developers can get for free from our developer center.

As part of our commitment to provide our users control over their privacy, if a user does not wish to share their Real Time Stream updates outside of their friends, he/she can adjust their Stream privacy settings in their account settings.

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