Mike Hogan Returning to Vanity Fair

Here’s our first suggestion for Mike Hogan, set to rejoin the VF fold as digital director after a couple of years with AOL and The Huffington Post (where he is currently executive culture and entertainment editor). Expand to other more universal reader comments platforms.

The general paucity of comments for VF blog items has a lot to do with the fact that the magazine requires readers to use a Conde Nast Digital account. Open it up to DISQUS and Facebook as well, we say. Hogan will report directly to Graydon Carter:

“I’m delighted that Mike is returning to Vanity Fair,” said Carter. “He was not only a gifted story editor at the magazine, he was instrumental in the creation of VF.com. I look forward to his future contributions to VF.com in collaboration with our very talented digital team, led by editor Chris Rovzar.”

The origins of Hogan’s career track back to 1998 and a position as assistant at Vanity Fair, so we’re pretty sure he will be very nice to the new one he’s getting there. Hogan starts October 7.

[Image courtesy @mike_hogan]

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