Politico’s Mike Allen Sees Dead People

Tuesday night’s big party celebrating the return of “Crossfire” was held at the Carnegie Library. As expected, it was QUITE the affair. Newt Gingrich, Stephanie Cutter, S.E. Cupp and Van Jones were all in attendance and mingled with all the V.I.P. guests.

Naturally, Politico’s Mike Allen ran through some of the faces spotted in the crowd. Bill Burton, Dylan Byers, Laura Ingraham, Rep. Mark Sanford and his fiancé were there, according to Allen. One name that stuck out in his Tuesday morning Playbook was former “Crossfire” host Tom Braden and four of his children.

The only problem is… Braden is dead. He died in 2009Apparently, 7 of Braden’s 8 children were in attendance, according to CNN Washington Bureau Chief Sam Feist, but Braden, like former Crossfire host Bob Novak, passed away years ago. Does Allen see dead people? This isn’t the first time he screwed up this way. Just a few weeks ago, he wished a “Happy Birthday” to Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf