Mike Allen Gives April Ryan A Baby Rattler

Yesterday on FOX, the Politico’s Mike Allen gave American Urban Radio’s April Ryan a Tiffany baby rattle (Ryan is expecting) and anchor Molly Henneberg gave her “props” for Ryan’s correct prediction a few weeks early that the President would commute Libby (go to roughly 1:10 in the clip).

The rattler:


Allen also sticks up for the NYT’s David Sanger today. From Allen’s “Playbook“:

    Memo to conservatives: My e-mail traffic suggests that some in talk-radio world may try to go down the road of, ‘Well, what do you expect from The New York Times?’ You should know that David Sanger is extremely respected in this administration. He’s viewed as non-political and highly knowledgeable about foreign affairs, and the highest levels at the National Security Council and State Department talk to him. With a small discount factor for the ’24’-ish elements, this piece almost certainly reflects decision-makers’ thinking.