Mike Allen – a Founding Father?


Nah, Politico’s Mike Allen isn’t really one of the Founding Fathers. But reading a recent Facebook post by Politico’s James Hohmann, one might think so:

“Mike Allen is an American hero. My already immense admiration has grown exponentially as I’ve had the privilege to partner with him on a handful of stories, including one last Friday. This 8,000-word New York Times Sunday magazine profile is well worth the read — especially if you don’t know Mikey. He has one of the biggest hearts and smallest egos of any reporter I’ve known, yet he’s doubtlessly among the half dozen biggest giants in the national journalistic history.”

Mikey should at least give Hohmann a Playbook shout-out for that one.

In other, more negative, Allen news… WaPo’s Ian Shapira assesses Allen and the recent NYT tome on him. It’s not a pretty write-up.

Journo admits his sadness for Allen

An excerpt:
“By the article’s conclusion, I felt a bit sad, both for Allen and the future of journalism. I see the value in his distribution of stories to Washington’s big thinkers and power players, especially since they have little time to page through all the major publications themselves. But, given Allen’s experience and doggedness, wouldn’t it be better if he were working on longer-term stories or investigations that served the public good? In other words, is Playbook really the best use of Allen’s talents?”

Read the full Story Lab piece here.