Mika Bristle’s at Major’s Anti-‘Forward’ Opinion

If you were watching MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” this morning, you were bound to feel minor bouts of anxiety as things grew more than a little awkward when National Journal‘s Major Garrett came on the set. Major isn’t an incessant regular on the morning program, so what could have been an intriguing exchange instead of the typical Mark Halperin-John Heilemann Game Change punditry turned into Mika Brzezinksi leading the pack against Major.

All over the word “forward” he wrote about in a Tuesday column.

Mika bristled over the column in which Major dismissed President Obama‘s “forward” campaign slogan. According to the reporter’s sources, Democrats aren’t necessarily thrilled about the one-word slogan. Major found it lacking to say the least. He’s the President, he can say whatever he wants, he argued. Outsiders can have one-word slogans. But the President? He should have more. “Does the Obama campaign feel trapped in the branding of the 2008 campaign?” Major asked on “Morning Joe.”

Though it seemed to be an odd thing to get so incensed over, Mika stood her ground (we’re not sure what planet the ground was on, but nonetheless, her ground) and flat out disagreed with Major, who thought using the word “forward” was pretty pointless if not “vacuous” when what he said Obama needs to do is reassure voters in the present tense. “What are Republicans supposed to do, clap?” asked Mika with a bite in her voice. “No,” replied Major. Mika soon replied, “I’m not trying to be mean, but I don’t get it.”

Could it be that Major hit too close to the nerve center of MSNBC’s pollyanna “Lean Forward” campaign? Whatever he said, she disagreed with it. So did HalperHeile, who said it saves printing costs for the add campaign. HalperHeile dismissed Major’s point, saying all slogans are one to three words.

Watch the awkward exchange here. See the pictures above and notice the growing non-smile spread across Major’s face.

Major declined to comment on this morning’s “Morning Joe” appearance.