Philadelphia Non-Profit Teaches Teens How to Spot Fake News

Yeo(newspaper)man's work by Mighty Writers West

The weekly classes started in late February and wrap up next week. And today, the “Finding Fake News” efforts of non-profit Mighty Writers West is front-page, real news.

The main impetus for the 4-6 p.m. afterschool effort, which has been welcoming separate groups of students each respective Monday through Thursday, is a recognition that teens ages 12-17 get a lot of their information from Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia and the like. A lot of time is spent by instructors Christina Rissell and Annette John-Hall explaining to their young charges how to detect and recognize proper sourcing.

When the current track wraps up new week, a new one will immediately follow. It’s called “Looking for Liars:”

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