Might Woodruff Return?

Maybe all the words today about injured anchor Bob Woodruff improving has given ABC execs and Woodruff’s family more hope than they’ve had since Sunday’s attack.

An email this afternoon to ABC News staff from news president David Westin speaks for the first time of Woodruff returning to the anchor chair:

“In Bob’s absence, I asked Diane and Charlie to help Elizabeth and all of us on ‘World News Tonight’ for the next few weeks. They did not hesitate in taking up the baton. We’re in the process of working out a schedule that can work for everyone, given their simultaneous commitment to ‘Good Morning America.’ I know that all of you join me in our gratitude for Charlie’s and Diane’s willingness to help Bob, Elizabeth, and our colleagues at ‘World News Tonight.’ We remain committed to taking ‘World News Tonight’ forward with the two anchors that are required for what we want to accomplish. With Diane and Charlie, we can do just that as we wait until Bob can take his chair back.”