Might D.C. Have Style After All?

Watch out Washington, there’s (soon to be) a new mag in town! D.C. Style will be launched in March by the editors of Philadelphia Style and will compete with established D.C. taste arbiter Washingtonian. It will beat by several months the introduction of the new niche magazine Capitol File, which is set to launch in September and do basically the same thing.

D.C. Style’s website explains, “We chase the latest trends so you don’t have to,” and will feature the requisite sections on dining, drinking, housing and real estate, fashion, and, it promises that “Our calendar will minimize your social and cultural engagements to only the premier events.” You sort of have to wonder, though, whether they would have included Michael Saylor’s party now that we know how boring it was.

DCist has sniffed out an eGullet Forum post where the new (apparently New Jersey-based) food and drink editor for D.C. Style is looking for new writers and one person responds pithily: “I don’t think DC needs another bling-bling/who is DC’s best plastic surgeon magazine.” Indeed for a city that’s so famously absent of fashion, style, and high society, it certainly seems like there will be a lot of trees dying to cover it in the coming months…