This Might Be the Most Fantastically Bizarre Social Media Phenomenon of 2015

Get bread, smush face in it

One week it was corn bread, next came challah, then naan and Italian loaf. An unnamed young woman spent this autumn placing 20 such pieces of bread onto a table—one at a time—before smushing her face into the baked goods and posting Instagram videos of the bizarre activity.

And 22 weeks since launching the Instagram account called BreadFaceBlog, she has 29,300 followers, 8,000 of which she gained in the last two-and-a-half weeks. Only two of her posts have failed to get a combined 1,000 likes and comments—the rest have performed in the range of 3,000 to 10,000 likes and comments. 

To put that into perspective, the longtime bakery King's Hawaiian has 7,000 Instagram followers after being on the platform for nearly three years, and the bread brand regularly gets only a few hundred likes and comments per post. The woman behind BreadFaceBlog actually put her face on three King's Hawaiian rolls as if her cheeks were rolling pins and garnered 1,269 likes and 3,469 comments.

She even mentioned King's Hawaiian in her post. What's more, BreadFaceBlog has also mentioned national bread sellers like Wonder, Bays English Muffins, Food for Life (maker of Ezekiel 4:9), Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (biscuits), Guerrero Tortillas and Martin's Potato Rolls as well as local ones such as La Tour Bakehouse in Honolulu and New York's Bergen Bagels, Palagonia Bakery, Ferrara and Fay Da. 

So is she getting sponsored by these brands? Adweek emailed the blog and received this answer: "I wish."

The person behind BreadFaceBlog declined to name herself. 

But if she keeps getting fantastic social engagement, a bread brand is going to want a slice. And she may be rolling in the dough by this time 2016. 

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