Midverse Studios launches AppViral to increase organic app growth

appviral 650

The idea of rewarded referral invites isn’t exactly new, but Midverse Studios has developed a way for that same system found on the web to work within social mobile apps. The company has today announced AppViral, a new feature within the AppEngage Network, which aims to give developers a new viral user acquisition method.

Using AppViral functionality, developers can reward their users with in-game currency when they successfully invite their friends to join them in the games they’re playing.

Instead of incentivizing the process of inviting friends, users are only rewarded when a friend actually accepts the invitation. This should keep users from sending dozens or hundreds of invites to players they know won’t accept, just to receive rewards. Instead, users would, in theory, only invite friends who have the potential to accept.

This initial AppViral release supports invitations via Facebook, email, text message and Whatsapp. Addition viral channels will be added in the future.

“We’re always looking ahead when it comes to attracting, acquiring and retaining quality users on mobile,” said Rizwan Virk, co-founder and CEO of Midverse Studios. “The highest quality of users an app can get are friends of their existing users. In the past, developers had to build social channels in a one-off way, and round-trip tracking was difficult. AppViral is a one-stop shop – add it into your game and see your user base grow in an organic way.”

AppViral is available in beta. More information is available on the Midverse Studios website.