Comedy Central’s New ‘@midnight’ Show Is A Hit On Twitter

Continuing Comedy Central’s campaign to deliver comedy to the tech-savvy youth of today, the cable channel recently launched “@midnight”, a show dedicated to making fun of social media. After the first week of episodes, the show has established solid ratings and an even more impressive Twitter fanbase.

The show, whose self-evident Twitter account can be found here (@midnight), is hosted by Chris Hardwick who invites three comedians to come on the show to poke fun at the Internet news of the day. In one of the most popular segments, entitled #Hashtagwars, Hardwick will come up with a humorous hashtag like “#sluttymusicals” and ask the comedians to come up with answers on the fly.

Of course, this kind of bit translates fantastically to Twitter itself, where followers are constantly tweeting the funniest answers and retweeting others’ responses and attempts. It’s an amazing way to tap into Twitter in a win-win situation where everyone gets to have a laugh and feel connected.

This kind of connected show is the reason Twitter has been so aggressively pursuing TV. There are a lot of ways that Twitter, an always on chat room of sorts, can complement television shows – even when people aren’t watching live. Some of the hashtags generated from the show have a longevity far past the live airing and all of it is publicity for @midnight.

Special mention goes to Hardwick, the founder of Nerdist who has been making in-roads to television after notably hosting the Breaking Bad post-episode web specials entitled Talking Bad. His web savvy ensures the topics and games are directly on the pulse of the day and his persona helps the show feel fresh, if at times a little frantic.

You can check out clips from the show here and read more about the first week statistics here at Broadway World.