‘Mid-Core’ Aviator from LandShark Takes Flight on Facebook

Singapore start-up LandShark Games is hoping to “upgrade” Facebook gamers from casual to what it calls “mid-core” experience with its first title, Aviator. This 1930s-themed adventure/strategy game went live last week.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Aviator currently has 946 monthly active users and 148 daily active users.

In Aviator, players assume the role of an enterprising fly boy (or girl) who’s using their piloting skills to ferry passengers, cargo and goods from city to city around the globe. The story-driven adventure begins in Africa and eventually leads to other continents. Each location features several cities to travel between, the flight paths to which must be purchased using a combination of in-game cash and certificates. Players pick up passengers at a hotel, cargo at a depot, and goods at a marketplace. Each area’s marketplace has a dynamic economy that affects players’ purchasing decisions — like searching for cities where prices are low and then ferrying the goods to cities where the goods are in high demand. Flying between cities requires gasoline, which must be purchased with in-game cash, and aircraft repairs, which regenerate over time or can be sped up using a repair kit item.

Some cities don’t have particular buildings — such as a market or workshop — when the player first visits, and its up to said player to purchase them using their earnings. Once built, the workshop allows players to buy newer, better planes with more passenger and cargo space. They can also add and remove seats as needed from the menu. Different planes also have their own repair and fuel capacity stats.

Social components include helping friends when they’re low on gas or repairs, or requesting help when the player finds themselves in the same situation. Occasionally, the in-game depot will present players with special packages destined for their friends in various cities, with bonuses awarded for delivering them. It’s also possible to visit friends in order to see their current status, progress in the game and send them in-game messages.

Aviator is monetized via the purchase of special items, aircraft and aircraft upgrades using Facebook Credits. While it’s possible to wait for the player’s aircraft to be repaired over time, the game offers an instant repair kit in exchange for Credits. Planes can be upgraded with expanded fuel capacity and repair slots. The game’s two best planes can only be purchased with Facebook Credits. However, there appears to be a good balance of paid content versus that which can be purchased using the games soft cash currency.

As the game only just launched, LandShark is focused on the early player experience. For future development plans and content, the developer is soliciting player feedback via Aviator’s Wall on new features such as gifting, daily challenges and an expanded variety of notifications.

You can follow Aviator’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.