Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Update Information

On Tuesday I wrote about the updates that Microsoft is going to provide for Windows Phone 7 during 2011. The information was first posted on the Windows Phone Secrets web site, but Microsoft has created their own web page that includes some more details about what the next update will include.

Of course, we already knew about the addition of Copy and Paste. The Microsoft page describes how the Windows Phone 7 apps will use copy and paste, which lead some people to wonder whether third party apps will be able to use it. Microsoft later clarified via Twitter that copy and paste will work with third party apps.

Another change coming in the first update to Windows Phone 7 is an update to the Marketplace to improve search. Today when you search for an app in the Marketplace the search results include music that include the search term. Now when you run a search within an app section of the Marketplace only the apps that contain the search term will appear in the search results.

Microsoft is also making some performance improvements to Windows Phone 7 that decreases the amount of time it takes for apps to start and resume. The web page does not include any information about when the update will be available, so the time frames that I wrote about previously are the best we know about at this time.