Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Marketplace App is in Serious Need of a Major Update

I’ve been using the HTC HD7 as my primary voice phone since November 2010 and found there’s a lot to like about Windows Phone 7. However, one thing I have definitely not learned to like is the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace app. It is terrible that such an important app is also such a problematic one. The latest problem happened yesterday when I noticed the free Fandango app and decided to take a look at it. It appeared to download correctly but would not install. This happened repeatedly until I decided to do something more productive.

The Marketplace app has also managed to freeze my phone to the point that I had to remove the battery to force a reboot. This has happened several times (though not in the past few weeks).

Then, there’s the awful process of searching for apps and just apps. Unlike Apple’s on-device app store for the iPhone and iPad, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Marketplace app mixes all the content together. The result is that searching for an app name can produce results that includes songs and other uninteresting content (for an app search). The Marketplace app is also incredibly slow. This is true even when using it over a WiFi connection.

I would prioritize fixing the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace app over adding copy/paste or even multitasking. Apps are a key to the success of mobile devices. Apple’s iPhone did just fine without copy/paste or multitasking for several years. Part of that reason was a decent on-device app store experience.