Microsoft’s Windows 7 Video: What Went Wrong?

Microsoft is gearing up for the launch of the latest version of Windows – Windows 7 – which will be made available on October 22nd. As part of the marketing campaign around the launch, the company is promoting “house parties” in which people around the country can host their own parties to celebrate the release. The “house party theme” is not uncommon with large consumer launches such as these. In fact, there is a company – appropriately called House Party – that specializes in just that. However, Microsoft is getting some flack for a video created to promote “house parties.” It’s posted above – what’s your take?

We confirmed with Microsoft as to who produced the video, as the company works with a number of agencies and vendors. A Microsoft spokesperson tells PRNewser, “Microsoft is working with House Party Inc. as part of our activities to celebrate the general availability of Windows 7 on Oct 22nd, including guidance videos for party hosts on ideas for their own parties.”

House Party’s CEO Kitty Kolding is fine with all of the joking. The video has been viewed more than 800,00 times. “Make fun all you want…Microsoft got an incredible global response, Kolding told the AP.