Microsoft’s Surface Capsized…for the Moment


Remember all that talk many moons ago when those video promos for Microsoft‘s tabletop computer, Surface, were released and people were oohing and ahhing (and making parody videos)? Well, turns out that it’s easy to make mocked up films extolling the virtues of the thing than it is to actually design one that will stand-up in the real world, particularly when you’re building the things for the needy clients who wanted this thing at roll-out. Cnet is reporting that the company has pushed back the release date at least a full six months, so it’s looking like you’re going to have to keep your greasy little fingers rubbing against nothing but your iPhone for the next little while.

The software maker’s initial plan was to get partners with the touch-screen machines up and running as early as this month. Now it estimates it will take until spring before the devices start showing up in locations like Sheraton hotels, Harrah’s casinos, and T-Mobile retail locations.

Part of the holdup has been in developing the custom software each of those partners needs, as well as making sure the hardware is suited to their locations.