Microsofts Slate (Tablet) Strategy? Enterprise Only? Difficult to Believe

ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley reprinted the iPad battle plan slidedeck Microsoft gave to reseller partners.

How Microsoft plans to market against the iPad

Its really worth a few minutes to go through the slide deck. Here’s my summary of what I took away from Microsoft strategy message.

Slide 1. What is the iPad’s enterprise story?
Slide 2. What enterprise customers say is important to them.
Slide 3. What Microsoft customers are telling them about the iPad.
Slide 4. Windows 7 Slate PC content dimension (consumption-creation) and online/offline quadrant chart
Slide 5. Windows content creation/consumption spectrum
Slide 6. Call to action for those not committed to the iPad
Slide 7. Call to action for those who are committed to the iPad
Slide 8. iPad battle plan for Microsoft partners
Slide 9. Enterprise end user & IT requirements comparison matrix
Slide 10. Contiuation of slide 9

Here’s my take on it. Apple’s COO Tim Cook reported that 80% of the Fortune 100 have deployed or plan to deploy the iPad in their organizations. This means there might be an uphill battle for Microsoft in 80% of Fortune 100 enterprise environements. Moreover, the iPad’s success is not because of its enterprise appeal. It is because it has appealed to tens of millions of people who happen to sometimes use it in an enterprise environment.

If the 10 slides are the sum total of Microsoft’s tablet (slate) strategy, it looks like they are only going after a relatively small vertical market: Enterprise customers who have not already deployed or is getting ready to deploy iPads.

I have a hard time believing Microsoft only wants the enterprise vertical.