Microsoft’s #DroidRage Campaign Gives Away Free Phones To Those Who Tweet Disses About Android

Considering switching your Android device for a Windows phone? Now’s your chance – as long as you’re willing to say something nasty about your old phone.

Microsoft is running a semi-unofficial-but-still-official Twitter campaign to give away free Windows Phones to Twitter users who slag off Android.

A tweet from Ben Rudolph, a self-described “Windows Phone (and Windows PC) Evangelist” started the contest:

He went on to tweet later that the top 5 best (or worse) #DroidRage stories would win. There are over a hundred entries thus far, and Rudolph has been retweeting some of the more humorous.

The campaign has been acknowledged by the official Microsoft Twitter account, so it is at least-semi-official in nature.

No word yet on when the contest will end, but Rudolph signed off last night with a promise to continue reading and retweeting the best Android-hating stories today.

This might not be the most goodwilled contest out there, but it seems to be effective. Asking your followers to dis your competitor while dangling a free phone in front of them does two things: it diminishes your competitors and potentially creates new customers from those dissatisfied with Android.

What do you think? Is this contest a smart marketing move, or slimy advertising? Let us know in the comments below.

(Top image: Lisa F. Young via Shutterstock)

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