Microsoft’s Ballmer To Continue to Rave About Advertising

It’s no secret that Microsoft is jealously eyeing Google and its tremendous ad revenue. According to a new AdAge article, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer plans to deliver that message home yet again at this week’s Association of National Advertisers conference in Phoenix–despite the fact that he’s already said as much last year at a Microsoft-owned ad agency client summit.

“This time, however, Microsoft needs to show less talk and more action,” AdAge reporter Abbey Klaassen writes. “Since Mr. Ballmer’s on-stage display of advertising affection [last year], Microsoft’s share of search has stagnated and its advertising division has been marginally profitable or unprofitable while Google this year will rake in about $15 billion.”

Microsoft’s recent mobile search push will likely factor in heavily in any future online advertising moves, as the Redmond-based giant looks to leverage any newfound revenue across all Microsoft-based platforms.

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