Microsoft Windows Phone Insider App

The Microsoft Windows Phone Insider app is a free app for Windows Phone 7 that features apps, wallpapers, information that Microsoft posts on Facebook and Twitter, and a guided tour of Windows Phone. The featured app panel provides five or six apps from the Marketplace that are associated to a particular theme. At the moment exercise and nutrition apps are featured.

The wallpapers panel shows pictured that have been on You can view each picture in the app and save it to the phone, but it doesn’t provide a way to use the wallpaper on the phone’s lock screen. The follow us panel shows the most recent update that the Microsoft Windows Phone team has posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, the tour panel provides guides to explore different features of Windows Phone 7. For example, the Office Hub tour includes creating a new note in OneNote, creating a new Word document and sending it to yourself via e-mail, changing the color of the font in a Word document, and opening and viewing the sample Powerpoint document. After you check off each item on the list the app will post a badge to your Facebook wall.

The Windows Phone Insider app should be installed on every new Windows Phone and pinned to the start screen as a way for new users to learn more about the phone, but at least its nice that Microsoft includes it in the Marketplace. If you are interested in it, search for it in the Marketplace.