Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Connector Beta for Mac OS X Updated

Microsoft released a 7.6MB update file (which needs 9.2MB of disk space) for the Mac OS X beta release of its Windows Phone 7 Connector. This software lets Windows Phone users sync with a Mac. Like all Microsoft AutoUpdate driven installations, it annoyingly requires that all browsers and AutoUpdate itself be shut down to complete the installation. Why Microsoft can’t shut down its own AutoUpdate software as part of the installation process is beyond me.

Here’s what’s new and changed.

Features added:
– Purchased audio content is synced from device

– New device setup experience

– Browse device now supports manual import from device, delete from device and preview

Improvements & fixes:
– Performance improvements in sync process

– Photos are now organized by their iPhoto event if present and by album otherwise

– Improved video preperation process

– Improved support for pin lock and unlock of device

– Improved meta data transfer settings (bookmarks, ratings and release dates are now transferred)

– Fixed issue with .AAC and certain .MP4 files not playing on device

– Apple Lossless encoded files are no longer synced as they are unsupported on device. They will be ignored like protected content. Please convert these files as necessary.