Microsoft to Unveil Windows for ARM Processor? They Already Did a Decade Ago

After reading this headline on, This Yogi Berra-ism came to mine, “It’s deja vu all over again.”

Microsoft Said to Be Unveiling Windows for ARM Chips (Bloomberg)

You see Microsoft unviewled Windows for ARM chips a decade ago when ARM was added to SH3, SH4, and MIPS as a supported processor type under Windows CE. Windows CE is, of course, still around today as engine beneath Windows Mobile and Windows Phone. Bloomberg’s article doesn’t say which Windows will be ARM-ified. But, we can probably safely guess that it will be Windows 7 and and not Windows Phone (or Windows CE). If so, this is a shame since the article does say that: The software would be tailored for battery-powered devices, such as tablet computers and other handhelds.

To paraphrase another legend, John Lennon: All we are saying is give Windows CE a chance.