Microsoft to Release Office for Android Tablets and the iPad This Fall?

If you’re one of the few who cannot live without your MS Office app then I have some good news. Rumors are circulating today that Microsoft is planning to release a new Office app for Android and the iPad.

Boy Genius Report claims that they have tips from a reliable source. Microsoft is reportedly planning on a November launch for  both apps. What’s more, their source has seen MS Office running on an iPad. It is supposed to look identical the images that were leaked to The Daily a few months back.

I’m going to have take this one with a grain of salt. While I could easily see an Office for iPad, the Android app strikes me as unlikely.

It seems to be fairly hard to do a decent office app for Android, so much so that Softmaker, a developer who specializes in this niche, had to add over a year to their development time. And when they released their app, it was far less capable than their previous Office apps.

Even if Microsoft does release an Android app, it probably won’t be as useful as the PC app would lead you to expect. But we won’t know that for sure until the fall.

Boy Genius Report


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