Microsoft Researcher Talks about Glass Thin Tablets in 3 Years. Isn't That Simply Expected? How About Sprayed On Display Tech?

I really hate it when I read an exciting sounding article title like

Microsoft tablet to be “no thicker than sheet of glass” (PC Pro – UK)

only to read this in the first paragraph: Microsoft will deliver a touchscreen PC that is “no thicker than a sheet of glass” within the next three years”.

Three years? Really? While an ultra-thin tablet sounds cool today, it may be reality in a year or two. In three years, “no thicker than a sheet of glass” might even be considered ordinary. Three years equals forever in gadget time. Apple released the first iPhone apps just over three years ago. We watched Palm disappear in the past three years. We watch Apple shake the dust off of Microsoft’s dead Tablet PC and UMPC concepts and product the winning iPad design. And, remember that quaint idea of cell phones with physical keypads?

Sorry, thin tablets in three years is not a “wow” concept. It is simply expected. Now, if Microsoft’s principal researcher had told us that they are working on molecular spray on displays that you could spary on skin or a sheet of paper to create a computer display, that would be interesting.