Microsoft Research TouchDevelop for Windows Phone: The First Social Cloud Programming Environment

TouchStudio is a on-device programming environment for Windows Phone developed and published by Microsoft Research. This still-in-beta product got a major upgrade this week to version 2.0 as well as a new name – TouchDevelop.

Announcing TouchDevelop v2.0 beta: script sharing in the cloud

TouchDevelop is the first “social programming environment” I’ve run into. The update includes access to a new website where you people can share source code of apps developed for TouchDevelop on a Windows Phone.

You can use an existing Windows Live ID or Facebook Connect to login to the site. There is no need to create a new account. Once there you can see and study source code of shared apps. You can also see the source code for the TouchDevelop apps installed on your phone. This includes TouchDevelop apps you wrote yourself. The site even has a leaderboard to compare scores for games written using TouchDevelop.

You can listen to a podcast discussion I had with Nikolai Tillman, Principal Researcher Software Design Engineer of Microsoft Research for the then named TouchStudio for Windows Phone, using the embedded player below.