Microsoft Releases Hotmail For Android

While it may not be as trendy as Gmail, as recently as last year Hotmail had more users than Gmail and Yahoo. You might not know it, but Hotmail was the original web e-mail service and was not always part of Microsoft. If you are a Hotmail user and don’t have a Windows Phone, you have not been able to find a native Hotmail app for the iPhone or Android phones. Today Microsoft released the Hotmail app for Android, which is their second Android app after Bing.

The Hotmail app for Android has all of the features one expects of e-mail on smartphones. New messages are pushed to the phones, or you can configure the app to retrieve e-mail at specific time intervals. You can also specify time when the app does not retrieve e-mail. If you have multiple folders defined for your Hotmail account you can select which folders to synchronize to your phone.

If you use Hotmail to store contacts and appointments, you can configure the Android app to synchronize the Hotmail Contacts and Calendar with Android. Once nice feature is that you can password protect the Android app, so you can prevent people from having easy access to your e-mail in Hotmail.

One downside to the Hotmail app is that it takes up a lot of storage space. At 10.88 MB, it is the fourth largest app on my phone behind Google Earth, Facebook, and Google Maps. Unfortunately, the app does not support being moved to a storage card, most likely because it needs to be on the phone in order for the widget to be available. If your phone is running low on internal storage you might think twice about installing this app.