Microsoft Provides Status Of Windows Phone Updates: Delayed Again

We have been following the Windows Phone update saga pretty closely, probably because it has turned into one of those train wrecks that you just can’t help but watch. Today Microsoft posted an update on the Windows Phone Blog, which states that the “copy and paste” update has been delayed to the second half of March.
The blog post doesn’t provide any specifics about the February update, which was pulled after initial release because some users had problems installing it, with some rare instances of users having their phone damaged. The February update needs to be installed on the phone before the “copy and paste” update can be installed. So far, neither Todd or I, nor any other people that I know who have T-Mobile Windows Phones have received the update.
Microsoft says that they work closely with the mobile operators to distribute updates, and that the operators may ask Microsoft to not release it until a specific date, and they may ask for updates to be bundled together. The blog post goes on to say that users should ultimately receive all updates that Microsoft releases. Also included in the blog post is an explanation of the update process, including how the handset manufacturers and operators are involved. Unfortunately, the blog post does not say anything about providing timely updates, and frankly, it only provides reasons for why updates may not be distributed as quickly as users would like.
Bottom line, the February update appears to still be in the process of being pushed to phones, and the “copy and paste” update is now delayed until the second half of March.