Microsoft Project Emporia Social News App for Windows Phone Updated

I wrote about Microsoft FUSE Labs’ social news app for Windows Phone 7 last month.

Microsoft Research Project Emporia Digg-like Windows Phone Personal News App

It takes information and links from sources like Tumblr blogs to assemble a news list that the reader can vote on. FUSE Labs recently released an update for the Windows Phone app that provides Facebook and Twitter integration. I was able to sign-in on my Windows Phone to Facebook from Project Emporia but not Twitter. The Twitter sign-in attempts resulted in a web rendering that was unusable.

I was, however, able to sign-in to both Facebook and Twitter from Project Emporia’s web version to get an idea of what this integration means. Emporia’s use of Facebook and Twitter connection is quite different from, for example Flipboard on the iPad. Flipboard assembles the web links directly from the people you follow on Twitter or friend on Facebook. Emporia relies on its own curated list. However, it tells you how many of your friends or friends of friends pointed to this link. This combined with your own voting on news items should eventually lead to lists of news items that are more tuned to your interest. I am not certain how one would measure or notice something this that would probably evolve very slowly over time.

Microsoft Project Emporia (web version)