Microsoft & Paramount Bring DVD Extras & More to Windows Phone Movie Viewing

Watching an entire full-length movie (90 minutes or more) on a smartphone display might not be for everyone. But, I’ve done so on nearly every long flight I’ve taken over the past couple of years (and nearly every fligh take is at least 5+ hours). However, I can understand why the prospect of watching a “big screen” movie on a small screen doesn’t appeal to everyone. Microsoft and Paramount are trying to provide a bit more appeal for watching movies on very small screen.

Paramount and Microsoft Team Up For Windows Phone 7 Movie Releases (

The enticement to spend $9.99 for a Windows Phone “movie app” are the extras that come in addition to the movie itself.

– Pause the movie and learn more about actorss, objects, locations, or music in a scene
– SceneIt Factoid mode to learn interesting facts while watching the movie
– Special features
– Create custom clips of favorite scenes
– Movie Info feature for in-depth information

In other words, this Windows Phone movie app concept provides many of the extras that have some of us still buying physical DVD and Blu-ray discs: The extras.

Note: The movie and special features require an additional download after installation the app.