Microsoft Opening Up More Ad Inventory to Programmatic

Including Outlook, Windows 8.1

Microsoft is opening more of its ad space to programmatic selling. The company announced the move today during Ad:tech New York.

Microsoft said it is expanding its partnership with AppNexus to deliver more ads through the Microsoft Advertising Exchange and on mobile devices.

Starting Nov. 18, advertisers can buy space on Microsoft’s e-mail site through the exchange.

Microsoft said it developed a new ad design—versaTiles One Tile format—for the Outlook inventory that will be sold programmatically.

Microsoft will also make some Windows 8.1 inventory available through the exchange, starting early next year.

In addition, the company is working with AppNexus to improve its real-time bidding on mobile.

“We know that our current RTB offerings can be improved when it comes to mobile,” Microsoft’s Esco Strong said in a statement. “We’re looking at ways to standardize our mobile exchange to create more value for consumers and advertisers across Windows Store apps and Windows Phone.”

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