Microsoft Opened Messenger Connect to Android & iOS Developers: SkyDrive, Hotmail, Messenger

Microsoft has a curious set of disconnected multi-platform mobile strategies. For example, Microsoft licensed Exchange ActiveSync to Google. This let Google offer cloud based syncing of phones for email, calendar events and contacts before Microsoft itself. Google offered cloud based calendar and contacts sync for Windows Mobile before Microsoft. Microsoft has not shown any interest in making its Microsoft Office components available for Android or iPhone. And, yet, Microsoft’s Bing group has, I would argue, produced better Bing apps for the iPad than they have for Windows Phone.

ReadWriteWEb (ReadWrite Mobile), however, reports that Microsoft has made its Microsoft Connect available to mobile developers working on Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) that permits using SkyDrive (cloud storage), Hotmail (email) and Messenger (instant messanging) from non-Microsoft mobile platforms.

Microsoft Makes Windows Live Access Easier for Mobile Developers on iOS, Android & Windows Phone

These services have been mostly closed systems from the point of view of non-Windows systems. Even Windows Phone does not have good ties with SkyDrive (which should be fixed in Mango) and Messenger.