Microsoft & Nokia's $1 Billion Deal + My Wish List for a Nokia Windows Phone

There’s been a lot of discussion regarding the deal Microsoft and Nokia made for Nokia to abandon their Symbian mobile platform in favor of Windows Phone. Bloomberg Businessweek has attached a dollar figure to this deal based on two unnamed sources.
Microsoft Is Said to Pay Nokia More Than $1 Billion in Deal
It is an interesting deal with money flowing in both directions.
– Microsoft will pay Nokia $1 billion to offset marketing and development
– Microsoft’s payment to Nokia also gets it access to Nokia patent portfolio
– Nokia will pay Microsoft a currently undisclosed fee for each Windows Phone device it sells
Microsoft’s upfront payment to Nokia ensures that Microsoft does everything possible to make Nokia’s Windows Phone products a success since its payback will come in the form or large numbers of Nokia Windows Phone device sales.
Here are the four things I’d like to see in Nokia’s Windows Phone products:
1. The usual awesome camera subsystem with serious enhancements to Microsoft’s camera interface
2. Both rear and front facing cameras. A 3D dual lense rear camera would be much appreciated
3. A Bluetooth profile for Bluetooth keyboards
4. Mobile Hotspot WiFi tethering