Microsoft Moves to Slow Down Junk Bulk Apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace

In the summer of 2009, Apple banned a development team ( that had pushed through 943 junk apps to the iTunes App Store in 250 days. As we near the summer of 2011, Microsoft is seeing the same problem in their Windows Phone Marketplace and issued this commentary in The Windows Phone Developer Blog.

How Marketplace Manages Bulk App Publishing
Here are some of the key statements:

– In recent weeks a handful of companies have individually published hundreds of apps in a matter of a few days. We call this bulk publishing.

– publishing them [apps] in bulk degrades our customers’ experience

– effective immediately, we are limiting the number of apps any one developer can have certified in a single day to 20

– we are reaching out to the companies who most recently published a large number of apps with similar functionality in a short period of time

– Many of the most recently published bulk apps are being removed from Marketplace while these developers update and republish their apps.