Microsoft Live Spaces to Blog Migration Painless and Mobile Friendly


I started using MSN Spaces (later Live Spaces) blog off and on since early 2006 to early 2008. Its general slowness and click heavy administration interface finally became too annoying to deal with and I moved on to play with other better forming services like Tumblr. Microsoft finally threw in the towel themselves, announced that Live Spaces would be turned off in 6 months, and offered a migration path to I found this particularly amusing since WordPress is built on a set of Open Source development tools. “Open Source” was considered “evil” at Microsoft just a few years ago. It is good to see, that is no longer the case.

Welcome Windows Live Spaces Bloggers (WordPress blog)

The Live Spaces to migration was simple and painless using Automattic’s web based migration tool. My old blog was up and running on in just a few minutes. I used Automattic’s free Android and iPhone WordPress publishing apps to write to the new blog. Both apps worked fine in my test posts that included a photo and text for each entry. The Android version of the app proved a bit more flexible by providing several image sizing choices. The iPhone app merely has a single resize option that does not specify what the “resized” size actually is.

The site provides an auto-recognized mobile friendly view of the site as you can see in the screenshot above. Although the photos do not display in the all-entries view, you can see it after selecting a specific blog entry with a photo.