Microsoft Kin Terminated. Sidekick Discontinued. Windows Phone 7 Should be Next. Keep Windows Mobile

There’s been a lot of handwringing about the short-lived Microsoft Kin semi-smartphone (ONE & TWO – named after Dr. Seuss characters?) and, just yesterday, the Sidekick. Both are the products of the company formerly known as “Danger” which Microsoft bought in February 2008.
T-Mobile kills off current Sidekicks, Kin says ‘welcome to the club’
Here’s my take on these developments. And, I would like to add, with no disrespect to the team that developed these two now defunct products.
Microsoft’s purchase of Danger didn’t make sense to me in 2008 and it still doesn’t make sense to me. The iPhone didn’t even have an app store story to tell back in February 2008 (it emerged in July). Microsoft should have focused like a laser on Windows Mobile instead of dividing its attention and resources on two mobile platforms with nothing in common.
I think this week’s culling of the Kin and Danger Sidekick is a good thing in the long run. In fact, Microsoft should cull its entire confusing array of mobile platforms and focus singly and laserlike on Windows Mobile 6.5. Yes, I think they should terminate the Windows Phone 7 project too. Windows Phone 7 has the potential to become another webOS: An interesting mobile platform concept with initial enthusiasm but a failure commercially. Windows Mobile 6.5 has an established (if shrinking) based of users and experience developers. Windows Phone 7 resets the clock back to zero. Yes, the iPhone came out of nowhere to dominate smartphone mindshare. And, Android got its second wind late last year. But, where’s the buzz for Windows Phone 7 after its initial announcement in February? There are very few people who are putting aside the idea of purchasing an iPhone 4 or one of the many new and intriguing Android devices to wait for Windows Phone 7’s “holiday” debut.